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Boxcar Children Cover Art The Boxcar Children is a children's book series created and originally written by American first-grade school teacher, Gertrude Chandler Warner. The series is aimed at grammar school readers and includes over 100 titles.

Published in 1924, the original "The Box-Car Children" novel tells the story of four orphaned children who run away from their grandfather and start a new life of independence in an abandoned boxcar. Eventually they are reunited with their grandfather.

Only the first 19 stories were written by creator Warner. Other books in the series have been created by other writers, but always feature the byline "Created by Gertrude Chandler Warner".

Plot Summary of the First Novel

The first book tells the story of four children: Henry James Alden, 14; Jessie Alden, 12; Violet Alden, 10; Benny Alden, 4 (and 6 in books not by Gertrude Chandler Warner); and their dog Watch. Upon the death of their mother and father, their grandfather assumes custody of the children, but they run away because they believe him to be cruel. Finding an abandoned boxcar, they start a new life of independence. A man named Dr. Moore, who lives in a nearby city, hires Henry to do jobs around his home, such as mowing the lawn and organizing his garage. With the help of Henry's income and living off the land, the children are able to take care of themselves until Violet becomes ill and they must go to Dr. Moore for assistance.

Earlier in the novel, Dr. Moore has read in the newspaper that a man named James Alden was offering a $5,000 reward for anyone who can locate his four lost grandchildren. When Violet is taken ill, Dr. Moore finally contacts James Alden, who arrives just after the children bring in Violet for treatment. Not wanting to frighten the children into running away again, their grandfather referred to himself as Mr. Henry (Henry being his middle name). Not knowing that the man was their "cruel" grandfather, the children warm to his kindness and are surprised but delighted when Dr. Moore reveals to them that he is their grandfather. After moving in with their grandfather, Mr. Alden moves the boxcar to his backyard for their enjoyment.

Main Characters
Henry Alden: Is the oldest brother, 14 years old, Warner's books 16 (was in college). In "The Mystery on Ice", he had a crush on a skater named Alex. This is shown when he first sees her he stares at her for a long time, and Benny is amazed. Then, later, when the children suspect her, Henry quickly says no.
Jessie Alden: Twelve years old and oldest sister, fourteen in Warner's books. In "The Mystery of the Purple Pool", she had a crush on Mike.
Benny Alden: Youngest, 6 years old (In "The Missing Cat", 5, and 4 and 7 in Gertrude Chandler Warner's stories)
Violet Alden: 10 years old, 12 in Warner's books
Watch: Dog of Boxcar children
Grandfather: Grandpa of Boxcar children

Secondary Characters
Soo Lee: The Aldens' cousin from Korea. She is 7 years old. She was adopted by Joe and Alice.
Mrs. McGregor: The Aldens' housekeeper. Her husband was first seen in "The Yellow House Mystery".
Joe and Alice: The children's cousins. They were first seen and married in "The Yellow House Mystery", and have Soo Lee as an adopted child. They found a home in the Mystery of the Singing Ghost.
Aunt Jane and Uncle Andy: The children's other uncle and aunt.

About the Series

The series involves the children solving various mysteries, and occasionally traveling to other locations as they do so.

The series are divided into mysteries and specials; all of the specials were written after Warner's death.

About the Author

Gertrude Chandler Warner (April 16, 1890 - August 30, 1979) was born in Putnam, Connecticut, to Edgar and Jane Warner. Her family included a sister, Frances, and a brother, John. From the age of five, she dreamed of becoming an author. She wrote stories for her Grandfather Carpenter, and each Christmas she gave him one of these stories as a gift. Today, Ms. Warner is best remembered as the author of The Boxcar Children Mysteries.

Warner's life was chronicled in the biography Gertrude Chandler Warner and the Boxcar Children by Mary Ellen Ellsworth, illustrated by Marie DeJohn, which tells the story of Warner's childhood living across the street from the railroad tracks, her bouts with poor health, her teaching career, her earliest attempts at writing and her inspiration for The Boxcar Children.

In July 2004, a museum in Putnam, Connecticut was opened in a red boxcar to honor Gertrude Warner and the Boxcar Children series. She is buried in Grove Street Cemetery, Putnam, Connecticut.

As she wrote the story, Warner read it to her classes and rewrote it many times so the words were easy to understand. Some of her pupils spoke other languages at home and were just learning English, so The Boxcar Children gave them a fun story that was easy to read. Warner once wrote that the original book "raised a storm of protest from librarians who thought the children were having too good a time without any parental control! That is exactly why children like it!"

The Boxcar Children Mysteries
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Title: 13 - 25 - 37 - 49 - 61 - 73 - 85 - 97 - 109 - 121 - 133 - 143

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001: The Boxcar Children 1924
The Aldens begin their adventure by making a home in a boxcar. Their goal is to stay together, and in the process they find a grandfather.

002: Surprise Island 1949
Summer vacation on an almost private island gives the Aldens a challenge. Also their cousin Joe is found.

003: The Yellow House Mystery 1953
The spooky old house on Surprise Island intrigues Benny. The Aldens try to figure out why Bill disappeared.

004: Mystery Ranch 1958
Eccentric Aunt Jane needs help on her ranch. The Aldens overturn a plot against her.

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005: Mike's Mystery 1960
Benny and his friend Mike are in trouble when they are curious about a uranium mine.

006: Blue Bay Mystery 1961
The Aldens find a castaway on a South Sea island. How did he get there and who is he?

007: The Woodshed Mystery 1962
A double puzzle involves an old friend of Aunt Jane's, romance, and a chase.

008: The Lighthouse Mystery 1963
Renting a lighthouse is unusual, but even more so is an unfriendly boy's peculiar behavior.

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009: Mountain Top Mystery 1964
Marooned on a mountain, the Aldens survive a landslide and find a Native American secret.

010: Schoolhouse Mystery 1965
Benny's curiosity, while staying in a fishing village, leads to capturing a swindler.

011: Caboose Mystery 1966
A trip in a caboose at the end of a freight train leads to an old clown and a search.

012: Houseboat Mystery 1967
Floating down a lazy river, Benny finds a blackmail scheme in progress.


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013: Snowbound Mystery 1968
A freak snowstorm isolates the Aldens in a mountain cabin where they discover a coded message.

014: Tree House Mystery 1969
From a high perch Benny discovers a clue to a hidden room with contents that surprise everyone.

015: Bicycle Mystery 1970
Many complications follow when a dog attaches himself to the Aldens on a bicycle trip.

016: Mystery in the Sand 1971
Living in a seaside mobile home, the Aldens unravel the secret of two secluded women.

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017: Mystery Behind the Wall 1973
The Aldens find a mystery when a visitor comes. Who put the coins in a hiding place behind the wall?

019: Bus Station Mystery 1974
A puzzle in relationships concerns two boys ejected from the bus station.

019: Benny Uncovers a Mystery 1976
Benny comes up with the answers to puzzling events in a department store.

020: The Haunted Cabin Mystery 1991
The Aldens visit Cap Lambert near Hannibal, Missouri.

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021: The Deserted Library Mystery 1991
The children try to clean up and old library so it can receive landmark status, but someone else tries to stop them.

022: The Animal Shelter Mystery 1991
When a calico cat appears at Grandfather's, the children look for the founder of the town's animal shelter.

023: The Old Motel Mystery 1991
The Boxcar Children offer to help Aunt Jane's friend, Kay, fix up her run-down motel.

024: The Mystery of the Hidden Painting 1992
The discovery of a painting of the children's grandmother involves the Aldens in a search for a sapphire necklace.


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025: The Amusement Park Mystery 1992
The Alden's investigation involves antique wooden horses on a merry-go-round near Cousin Joe's.

026: The Mystery of the Mixed-Up Zoo 1992
The Boxcar Children try to find out who's responsible for causing some trouble at Edward Marlow's zoo.

027: The Camp-Out Mystery 1992
A camp-out trip is almost spoiled by loud music and the disappearance of a lantern-and Grandfather!

028: The Mystery Girl 1992
The Aldens see Nancy steal a T-shirt.

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029: The Mystery Cruise 1992
Someone is trying to keep Max Greene from inheriting his great aunt's estate.

030: The Disappearing Friend Mystery 1992
The Boxcar children and their new friend Beth decide to form a service called The Boxcar Helpers.

031: The Mystery of the Singing Ghost 1992
The Aldens cousins Joe and Alice are moving into a house that is suppose to be haunted.

032: The Mystery in the Snow 1993
When the Alden children accompany their grandfather to the Snow Haven Lodge, a series of odd occurrences threaten to disrupt the annual winter games.

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033: The Pizza Mystery 1993
Grandfather Alden and the children stop at a favorite pizza parlor. Things are very troubled and the elderly owners need help. The children stay to help and many unpleasant things happen until several mysteries are solved.

034: The Mystery Horse 1993
Grandfather Alden sends the children to a farm in Sunny Oaks to work on a farm. They see that the family is nice, but they are hiding something. They see a beautiful chestnut brown horse that's suppose to be a famous racing horse who recently went missing. Why do they have this famous horse and why are people so mysterious?

035: The Mystery at the Dog Show 1993
One of Grandfather's friend and her daughter come to visit with their dog who is in the local dog show.

036: The Castle Mystery 1993
The Alden Children go to a castle and search for a treasure...


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037: The Mystery of the Lost Village 1993
While visiting a Navaho Indian reservation in New Mexico, the Aldens try to save a forest under threat of development by proving it is the site of a lost, buried village, but someone is sabotaging their dig.

038: The Mystery of the Purple Pool 1994
While staying at a hotel in New York City, the Aldens investigate a series of annoying pranks plaguing the management and guests.

039: The Ghost Ship Mystery 1994
While visiting the seaport town of Ragged Cove, Massachusetts, the Alden children find the ship's log of the Flying Cloud, shipwrecked in 1869, supposedly during a mutiny.

040: The Canoe Trip Mystery 1994
The Boxcar Children are going on a canoe trip with their Aunt Jane. They enjoy paddling across the sparkling lake and camping under the stars. But their trip really gets interesting when they find a mysterious riddle leading them to hidden treasure!

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041: The Mystery of the Hidden Beach 1994
The children are attending a Camp Coral in Florida for a week. Where they learn about the ocean and everything that is in it. They find a hidden beach, but learn that it holds a terrible secret.

042: The Mystery of the Missing Cat 1994
The children are searching for Mr. Wood's cat, Spotzie, that has disappeared. They immediately come to the rescue with lost cat posters and going door to door with a photograph. Along the way they meet some strange characters, receive frightening phone calls, and even find a cat that looks like Spotzie, but is it?

043: The Mystery on Stage 1994
A play of the Wizard of Oz is happening, but there are strange things as well.

044: The Dinosaur Mystery 1995
When the Aldens go to the Pickering Natural History Museum to assist with the opening of a dinosaur exhibit, their work is hampered by a series of mysterious happenings.

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045:The Mystery of the Stolen Music 1995
In this book the Boxcar Children are excited to hear the orchestra play, to meet the musicians, and to learn how to make their own instruments. But when a valuable item mysteriously disappears, it's up to the children to find it.

046: The Chocolate Sundae Mystery 1995
The Boxcar children investigate when ice cream and other items start disappearing from their favorite ice cream parlor.

047: The Mystery of the Hot Air Balloon 1995
Benny wants adventure and finds it as he and the other Alden children help uncover the plan of those who would prevent ballooning from coming to Lloyd's Landing.

048: The Mystery Bookstore 1995
When their grandfather buys a bookstore at auction in New Orleans, the Alden children help clean it up and discover that several people seem to be obsessed with the store and its contents.


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049: The Mystery of the Stolen Boxcar 1995
The Alden children plan to ride in their boxcar at the Greenfield Founders' Day Parade, but the newly refurbished boxcar is stolen a couple of days before the big event.

050: Mystery in the Cave 1996
The four Aldens are rock hunting in Dragon's Mouth Cavern, until Benny finds a sinkhole that leads to underground caves. While exploring the caves they realize that someone doesn't want them there. But why? Can they solve this new mystery?

051: The Mystery on the Train 1996
The Boxcar children uncover a mystery on a train trip from Boston to San Francisco.

052: The Mystery of the Lost Mine 1996
On a camping trip to Arizona with their grandfather, the Alden children search for a lost gold mine.

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053: The Guide Dog Mystery 1996
When they help out at a guide dog training school, the Alden children meet several people who seem obsessed with a particular dog named Ginger.

054: The Hurricane Mystery 1996
While visiting a friend of their grandfather's on Sullivan's Island, off the coast of South Carolina near Charleston, the Boxcar Children encounter mysterious activities related to rumors of a buried pirate treasure.

055: The Mystery of the Secret Message 1996
While helping their grandfather prepare for Greenfield's Winter Festival, the Alden children uncover a mystery surrounding the statue in the town square.

056: The Firehouse Mystery 1997
The Alden children draw upon their resourcefulness to save the neighborhood firehouse from being torn down, while they also face a series of mysterious incidents connected with it.

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057: The Mystery in San Francisco 1997
While sightseeing in San Francisco, the Boxcar children uncover a mystery involving fishing boats and sabotage.

058: The Mystery at the Alamo 1997
Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are given the opportunity to be extras in a movie about the Alamo, but they are called upon to use their sleuthing skills when Claire, the star of the film, is implicated in the theft of a valuable ring.

059: The Outer Space Mystery 1997
The Boxcar children investigate the disappearance of a student's research paper from an observatory and the subsequent disappearance of another student.

060: The Soccer Mystery 1997
The Aldens are excited to be playing in their summer soccer league, until someone begins sabotaging the teams.


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061: The Growling Bear Mystery 1997
When the Aldens visit Yellowstone they discover a map showing the way to an old cabin where gold is supposedly hidden, but they encounter lots of interference in their attempts to hike the trail.

062: The Mystery of the Lake Monster 1998
While visiting Lake Lucille in the Adirondack Mountains, the Aldens hear stories about a monster in the lake and then encounter evidence that it may be real.

063: The Mystery at Peacock Hall 1998
At the request of their distant relative Althea, the Boxcar Children arrive at her old Virginia mansion and investigate the mysterious incidents happening there.

064: The Black Pearl Mystery 1998
While visiting their cousin's pineapple plantation in Hawaii, the Aldens hear a local legend about a black pearl with a curse on it and investigate mysterious incidents on and around the plantation.

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065: The Cereal Box Mystery 1998
When the Alden children set out to solve a jewelry store robbery, they find they must also deal with a mysterious thief who steals their favorite cereal.

066: The Panther Mystery 1998
When the Alden children and their grandfather visit Everglades National Park in Florida to solve the mystery of a missing ranger, they discover that a panther provides a clue.

067: The Stolen Sword Mystery 1998
The Alden children visit a family friend at his apple orchard which is rumored to be haunted, but instead of a ghost they find that some of the families' valuable antiques are being stolen.

068: The Basketball Mystery 1999
The Aldens investigate when the new coach of their community basketball league has her Most Valuable Player trophy stolen.

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069: The Movie Star Mystery 1999
The Aldens investigate when the arrival of several suspicious characters in Greenfield coincides with a mystery involving a popular boy actor.

070: The Mystery of the Pirate's Map 1999
While the Aldens are visiting a friend of Grandfather's at the beach, Benny finds a long-lost piece of a map to a legendary pirate treasure, a discovery that brings unwanted attention from fortune hunters.

071: The Ghost Town Mystery 1999
While visiting a recent purchase of Grandfather's, a ghost town in the Rocky Mountains, the Aldens encounter a mystery involving a run-down motel and a woman who may be a ghost.

072: The Mystery in the Mall 1999
The Alden children help out a storeowner at the Hope Harbor Mall and discover that someone is tampering with the merchandise shipments.


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073: The Gymnastics Mystery 1999
There are 4 detectives trying to figure out who stole the animals. how the problom was solved was they brain stormed and found out who the thief was.The thief was a worker.

074: The Poison Frog Mystery 2000
The Aldens investigate when exotic and endangered animals begin to disappear from the zoo where their new friend Lindsey works.

075: The Mystery of the Empty Safe 2000
The Aldens start a business producing birthday parties and find themselves investigating a series of robberies taking place during their parties.

076: The Great Bicycle Race Mystery 2000
The Aldens participate in a three-day bicycle ride and soon find that someone seems to be intent on keeping others from completing the event.

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077: The Mystery of the Wild Ponies 2000
While visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina, the Aldens see a mysterious wild horse that may be a ghost.

078: The Mystery in the Computer Game 2000
The Aldens, while testing the latest version of their favorite computer game, are surprised to find messages directed specifically at them.

079: The Mystery at the Crooked House 2000
While staying at the Crooked House, the family home of their housekeeper Mrs. McGregor, the Aldens try to solve a riddle that will lead them to a hidden treasure.

080: The Hockey Mystery 2001
When a professional hockey player comes to Greenfield with plans to build an ice skating rink, the Alden children suspect that someone in town wants to stop the project.

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081: The Mystery of the Midnight Dog 2001
While visiting a small town in Alabama, the Aldens hear mysterious howls at midnight, leading them to wonder if an old local legend about a ghost dog is true.

082: The Summer Camp Mystery 2001
Henry, Jessie, Violet and Bennie Alden arrive at Camp Seagull, eager to begin a new week of making friends and participate in the annual camp Olympics. But someone is determined that they won't win! Can they find out who before the Olympics is ruined for everyone?

083: The Copycat Mystery 2001
A series of practical jokes at a restored nineteenth-century farmhouse makes the Aldens wonder if the ghost of its builder is at work.

084: The Haunted Clock Tower Mystery 2001
The Aldens accompany their grandfather to his class reunion and investigate the possibility of a buried Civil War treasure, and of a ghost in the bell tower, at Goldwin University.


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085: The Disappearing Staircase Mystery 2001
When the Alden children join a group of volunteers to fix up an old house for senior citizens, they try to explain the puzzling behavior of their coworkers as well as investigate some unusual events.

086: The Mystery on Blizzard Mountain 2002
When the Alden children go camping on Blizzard Mountain, a place said to be inhabited by a ghost looking for buried treasure, they begin to think someone or something is trying to scare them off.

087: The Mystery of the Spider's Clue 2002
When an elderly friend is injured, the Alden children offer to help him with his window-washing business in their small town of Greenfield and agree to help him solve a riddle that has arrived in a mysterious invitation.

088: The Mystery of the Mummy's Curse 2002
The Aldens are helping the Greenfield Museum set up an exhibit about ancient Egypt, when all sorts of strange things begin to go wrong! Is the spooky sarcophagus really cursed, or is someone trying to make sure the exhibit isn't successful? The children are sure to find out, whether they're ready or not!

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089: The Mystery of the Star Ruby 2002
The Aldens take part in a hunt at a gem mine and discover that someone is out to sabotage the contest.

090: The Stuffed Bear Mystery 2002
When the Aldens visit fris in Vermont, they're in for a teddy treat-the annual Bear Jamboree, celebrating toy bears from all over the world! The Aldens soon encounter an unbearable mystery: a very rare and valuable bear has disappeared from the toy hospital. Now it's up to the children to track down the teddy thief!

091: The Mystery at Skeleton Point 2002
The Aldens investigate to see if a ghost has stolen valuable statues from their grandfather's Skeleton Point mansion.

092: The Tattletale Mystery 2003
The Aldens are getting strange notes from a mystery messenger! It's time for the annual Greenfield art contest, and the Alden children are right in the middle of things, meeting the artists and learning all about art! But when they receive a mysterious message signed by the "Tattletale," they realize that not everything about the art world is as it seems. What could the Tattletale want from the Aldens -- and who is this mysterious message-writer?

Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

093: The Comic Book Mystery 2003
The Alden children are searching for a rare comic book of their favorite superhero, Captain Fantastic. They finally find the comic and something else, too-a strange note inside, "signed" by the comic's creator. The Aldens realize the note is a fake. But when they start to investigate, the mysterious note is stolen! It looks like someone wants to sabotage a superhero. The Aldens will need their super powers of investigation to catch this comic book culprit!

094: The Ice Cream Mystery 2003
The owner of the Greenfield Ice Cream Barn has two new partners: her granddaughter Brianna and the horse Butterscotch. Benny is a frequent customer of the Ice Cream Wagon, run by Brianna with Butterscotch's help. But somebody is trying to shut down the Ice Cream Barn. Can the Aldens find the ice cream saboteur before the Ice Cream Barn is licked?

095: The Midnight Mystery 2003
The Boxcar children are atting an Invention Convention at the home of an eccentric artist known for her whimsical, wonderful, one-of-a-kind clocks. The clocks sound loudly at every hour, especially at midnight, when the children are treated to a hilarious concert of chirping, clanging, chiming, and gonging. But the clocks aren't the only noise the kids hear at midnight. Something or someone is tapping in the night. Is someone inventing trouble for the convention?

096: The Mystery in the Fortune Cookie 2003
The Aldens break into a mystery after cracking open a cookie! When the Aldens go to dinner at a local Chinese restaurant, they find a surprise in Benny's fortune cookie-a handwritten riddle! One cookie leads to another, and soon the trail of clues leads the children to a mysterious name-Drum Keller.


Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

097: The Radio Mystery 2003
The Aldens are actors in a live mystery show being broadcast on an old-fashioned AM radio station. But that's not the only mystery the Boxcar children are part of-it's starting to look like the radio station is haunted! Why would a ghost want to sabotage a radio show? Can the Aldens save the radio station before its listeners are scared away?

098: The Mystery of the Runaway Ghost 2004
When the Aldens visit their fri Fran in Wisconsin, they can't wait to hear her tell the story of the runaway ghost. Fran's family ghost hasn't been spotted in years, but the Aldens still shiver at the spooky tale of the ghost's bell clanging after dark. Then Violet hears a mysterious ringing in the middle of the night and the children start to wonder-could the runaway ghost be back?

099: The Finders Keepers Mystery 2004
The Alden's neighbor, Lina, thinks there's treasure hidden in her attic and she wants the Boxcar Children to help her find it. Of course, the children are eager to help search-but it appears they aren't the only ones looking for the treasure. Can the Boxcar Children discover the treasure in the attic before someone else finds it first?

100: The Mystery of the Haunted Boxcar 2004
The Boxcar Children take a wonderful trip down the Mississippi on a paddle-wheel boat. But when they arrive at Cap Lambert's cabin, they find some mysterious things going on. Is the cabin haunted?

Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

101: The Clue in the Corn Maze 2004
There is a fair and in the fair there is a corn maze. The problem is, the maze gets dirtied by someone! Who is that person?

102: The Ghost of the Chattering Bones 2005
The Alden children knew they would be investigating a mystery at Eton Place, but they had no idea there would be a ghost there, too! An old family fri, Norah Eton, believes there is a valuable piece of jewelry hidden somewhere on her property, but she only has one small clue to help the Aldens find it. Will they be able to find the treasure, or will the ghost of the Chattering Bones scare them away first?

103: The Sword of the Silver Knight 2005
A Medieval Fair has come to town, and the Aldens get grandfather's permission to volunteer their time. Benny becomes a page to the Silver Knight, a top suspect when the valuable antique sword used in the fair goes missing. But the pompous King Richard, who ts to forget that he's an actor and not a real king, seems to think the sword belongs to him. And the beautiful Princess Annabel may also have something to hide. Can the Boxcar Children find the sword and solve the mystery before the fair moves on to Silver City?

104: The Game Store Mystery 2005
When a new store called the Game Spot opens in their town, the Aldens are thrilled. But it's not fun and games when the other stores at Crossroads mall are robbed. What's more, letters are disappearing from the sign in front of the shopping center!

Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

105: The Mystery of the Orphan Train 2005
The Aldens visit an old Kansas inn that's full of secrets! Nobody knows why a famous photographer visited the inn just to take a single picture. And what about the other legary guest-a heroic young stranger who'd come west on an "orphan train?" The children discover a long lost-riddle that just might solve all these mysteries-if only they can solve it!

106: The Vanishing Passenger 2006
The famous mystery writer, Gilbert Finch, is coming to Greenfield to speak at the library, and the Aldens can't wait to meet him. When they go with Grandfather to pick Finch up at the train station, he is nowhere to be found. Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny need to solve this mystery quickly. Otherwise, Finch's archrival, Daniel VanBuren, will speak at the library instead of Finch!

107: The Giant Yo-Yo Mystery 2006
The Aldens are helping one of Grandfather's friends break a world record by building the world's largest yo-yo! As they help with the projectm strange things begin to happen. First someone follows them, and then the plans for the yo-yo turn up missing. Someone is trying to sabotage the yo-yo before it's launched! It seems there are a few people in Greenfield who don't want this yo-yo completed. The Boxcar Children will piece the evidence together to get to the bottom of this mystery.

108: The Creature in Ogopogo Lake 2006
The Aldens are visiting Grandfather's friend, Amy, at the Ogopogo Retreat in Canada. Amy rents cabins to tourists who hope to see the mysterious underwater creature, the Ogopogo, swimming in the lake. Henry, Jesse, Violet, and Benny can't wait to try to spot the Ogopogo from their cabin. Amy tells the children about a riddle that an old friend left for her in one of the cabins that could lead to a small treasure. The children need to find the treasure, and fast—otherwise, Amy will have to sell the retreat. As the riddle starts to unfold, strange things start to happen around the lake. Something is moving around in the water late at night, and someone doesn't want the Aldens helping Amy. Will the Boxcar Children crack the riddle before it's too late?


Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

109: The Rock 'n' Roll Mystery 2006
The entire town is excited about the summer music festival—especially the Aldens, who have been asked to help with the show. The largest attraction this year will be the popular Greenfield Four. A big-time music producer is going to be in the crowd to catch the show, and Greenfield residents hope their favorite local group will be famous soon. The day before the show, The Greenfield Four arrive at the rehearsal hall to find all of their instruments missing! The band insists that they won't play without them, and now it's up to the Boxcar Children to find the instruments before the show. Who would want to sabotage the band's big show? Does someone want to steal the Greenfield Four's spotlight, or is the theft an act of revenge? The Aldens are on the case in this music festival mystery.

110: The Secret of the Mask 2007
The Aldens are preparing for a yard sale when they find an old wooden mask in the trash behind a neighbor’s house. Violet notices that the mask looks like a Native American mask that she had read about. When the children go to the library to learn more about the mask, they discover that they have found an old Native American mask from the Hopi tribe. When the children learn there will be an Intertribal Pow-Wow at the park over the weekend, they plan to deliver the mask to its rightful owners. But Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny soon find out that they’re not the only people interested in the history of the old wooden mask. A strange man is following them around, and an antique dealer is looking for more than her fair share at the Boxcar yard sale. When the mask is stolen from their garage, the Aldens vow to find it before the weekend Pow-Wow. But with such little evidence, will they be able to find the mask in time?

111: The Seattle Puzzle 2007
The Aldens are on vacation in Seattle! They’re ready to explore the city, and one of Grandfather’s friends is going to give them a personal tour. On their first day of sightseeing, they start the day at the Hungry Heart Diner where a mystery falls right into their laps! Benny finds a riddle taped to the bottom of their table. What does the riddle mean, and where will it take them? When the first riddle leads the children to another riddle, the Boxcar Children begin to wonder how this Seattle puzzle came to them. As each riddle brings the children to a new part of Seattle, the children try to piece the clues together. Who is planting the riddles, and what will happen if they can’t crack the next one? Where will the final riddle lead them?

112: The Ghost in the First Row 2007
The Aldens are visiting Aunt Jane in Elmford. She tells the children that she has tickets for them to see a mystery play at the Trap-Door Theater. Each day at rehearsal something strange has happened to the front-row seat once occupied by the benefactor-popcorn all over the floor, an old costume laid out, a spotlight shining on her empty seat. Is the benefactor's ghost haunting the theater, or is one of Elmford's living residents up to no good?

Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

113: The Box That Watch Found 2007
One day in the park, the Aldens' dog, Watch, comes across a mysterious box with a note inside. "Congratulations!" the note says. "You've found it!" The box is part of a fun new treasure-hunting game, and soon Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny are looking all over town for cleverly hidden boxes. But they're not the only ones on the trail for clues! When several of the treasure boxes go missing, the game is ruined for everyone. Who would steal the boxes-and why?

114: A Horse named Dragon 2008
The Aldens are spending a week at the Dare to Dream Ranch, a rescue ranch that takes in horses whose owners can no longer care for them. The children help with chores, and Jessie is thrilled to be looking after a beautiful horse named Dragon. But when two of the oldest horses are missing from the pasture, a mystery begins to unfold-why would someone want to steal two old, sick horses? Then Dragon disappears, too, and the children discover that one of the horses has paint on its coat. Just what's going on at the ranch, anyway?

115: The Great Detective Race 2008
The local radio station is putting on the Great Detective Race, where contestants must solve riddles and search all over Greenfield for clues leading to the grand prize! One of the prizes would make a perfect gift for Mrs. MacGregor, so the Aldens sign up for the contest. Soon they're following the riddles' clues all over town. But when some of the clues turn out to be fake, it's clear that someone is playing unfairly. Could another contestant in the Great Detective Race be trying to stop the Boxcar Children from winning?

116: The Ghost at the Drive-In Movie 2008
Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny have never been to a drive-in movie theater before, but they’re visiting a friend who owns one. The children love to eat popcorn in the car and watch movies under the stars. But strange pranks are disrupting the fun—one night the sound system starts playing loud music during the movie, and a couple of the theater employees seem to be hiding a secret. Then, late at night, a ghost is seen walking around the empty grounds of the drive-in! Could the old theater be haunted?

Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

117: The Mystery Of The Traveling Tomatoes 2008
The Aldens are helping the owner of a local restaurant grow delicious food in a garden. They work hard to water and weed and take care of the fruits and vegetables that are growing. But soon the children notice the strangest thing_the plants are moving. The tomato plants aren_t in the same spot they were planted in! How could that be happening? Then, when fruits and vegetables start to vanish from the garden, it_s clear that a brand new mystery is sprouting for the Boxcar Children.

118: The Spy Game 2008
When the Boxcar Children visit a neighbor’s house, a mysterious old wedding photo and a riddle lead them on a “spy game” devised long ago by the original owner of the house. When the children hunt for clues they discover amazing things, like a stone path whose pieces fit together into a jigsaw puzzle! But soon the children begin to suspect that there's a mystery inside the mystery. They read about a similar puzzle in one of their new Detective Club books, and they meet a woman who looks eerily like the bride in the old wedding photo. Just who is behind this spy game?

119: The Dog Gone Mystery 2009
When a new dog obedience business opens in Greenfield, the Aldens decide to enroll Watch for a refresher course. At the first class a Dalmatian goes missing, and everyone wonders if the dog ran away or was stolen. But when a malamute disappears at the second class, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny know they have a mystery on their hands. Could the thief be the class's instructor, the Dalmatian's owner, the dog groomer, or the owner with the very obedient dog?

120: The Vampire Mystery 2009
The Aldens meet Mr. Hudson, a local author who is best known for his novel about a vampire. But rumors of a real vampire are going around town - a vampire who haunts the graveyard behind Mr. Hudson's house! But since vampires don't exist, the children soon realize that someone must be trying to scare people away from Greenfield! Who brought the old legend back to life - and why?


Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

121: Superstar Watch 2009
A big Hollywood agent wants Watch to appear in a commercial for a new kind of dog food! Even though Watch seems to love the food on-camera, he won't touch it at home. Someone at the studio has been switching the brand and the Aldens must find out the truth behind the cover-up. Should Watch still do the commercial even though he doesn't like the product?

122: The Spy In The Bleachers 2010
While helping out at Cogwheel Stadium as the Clayton Cogs try to win the pennant, the Alden kids look for the spy on the other team who is apparently stealing the Cogs' pitcher's signals.

123: The Amazing Mystery Show 2010
The Boxcar Children have been chosen to play in an exciting new game show! A camera crew is following the Aldens around the city of Philadelphia as they compete with another brother-and-sister team in a search for clues. The search isn't easy, though, especially when someone has tampered with the Aldens' map and stolen one of Benny's treasures! Why is their team being sabotaged?

124: The Pumpkin Head Mystery 2010
This fall-flavored adventure for the Boxcar Children takes the Aldens to a New England farm that has more than its share of strange occurrences. Every year at the Beckett farm, visitors come to buy pumpkins and go on hayrides, but this year something is haunting the old place - a mysterious specter with a glowing pumpkin head that warns guests to stay away! It's up to the Aldens to find out who - or what - is behind the scare.

Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

125: The Cupcake Caper 2010
It's a delicious new mystery with the Boxcar Children as they help catch a cupcake thief! Mama Tova's shop in Greenfield is so famous that every day, people line up around the block to buy her cupcakes. But when someone breaks into her kitchen, it's clear that her secret recipe is in danger. The Aldens follow the suspects to a bake-off where they must find the culprit using their mystery-solving skills - and their taste buds, too!

126: The Clue in the Recycling Bin 2011
The Alden siblings volunteer at the local recycling center, where they find plenty of things that can be reused, but when the center is vandalized, they must investigate to solve the mystery...Title: .The Clue in the Recycling Bin.

127: Monkey Trouble 2011
While spending two days touring a zoo to see the baby animals, the four Alden children, aged six to fourteen, help catch an escaped monkey, participate in a photography contest, and investigate a missing camera.

128: The Zombie Project 2011
While at the Winding River Lodge, the Aldens hear about a zombie living in the surrounding forest! As the signs of zombie attacks start to mount, the Boxcar Children recruit the help of a reporter and some locals. But is someone hiding information? Or should the Boxcar Children really be afraid of things that go bump in the night?

Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

129: The Great Turkey Heist 2011
A new restaurant is opening up in Greenfield, and the Aldens are first in line to help the owner start up a food pantry. They do everything they can to collect donations, from putting up signs to offering a free Thanksgiving dinner for the whole town, but someone keeps moving the signs and even steals the giant turkey that was meant for the dinner. The clock is ticking to get it back, but never fear, the Boxcar Children are on the case.

130: The Garden Thief 2012
Grandfather's friend, Mr. Yee, has broken his arm and can't tend to his beloved vegetable plot in the community garden. The Alden children gladly offer their services to help him with his prize-winning veggies. But they soon learn something mysterious is afoot at the community garden. Vegetables go missing, and it appears someone is intentionally vandalizing the garden plots. Luckily for the local community gardeners, the Boxcar Children are on the case!

131: The Boardwalk Mystery 2013
The Aldens are visiting the New Jersey shore and enjoying the beach and the boardwalk attractions. A family friend has just bought an amusement pier, and the children are excited to help out. But there are rumors that the rides aren't safe, and someone has stolen a zombie from the haunted house! Can the Boxcar Children find out what's behind all the trouble?

132: Mystery of the Fallen Treasure 2013
On their trip to Oregon, the Aldens are excited to find out that Watch has the right skills to be a search and rescue dog! When they start training him in the woods one of the first things he "rescues" is a backpack filled with valuable jewelry--and it fell out of a plane! How could that have happened? When the children try to return the backpack to its owner, the mystery becomes even deeper!


Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

133: The Return of the Graveyard Ghost 2013
One stormy afternoon, the Aldens take a shortcut through the Greenfield Cemetery and discover a strange local superstition! According to legend, it's good luck to leave presents in a certain spot in the cemetery--and bad luck to anyone who doesn't. But since there's no such thing as ghosts, there must be a reason for this weird tradition. The Boxcar Children are determined to find out what it is.

134: Mystery of the Stolen Snowboard' 2014
The winter sports season is here, and the Aldens are excited about all the snow activities--especially snowboarding! But soon they find themselves in the middle of a mystery surrounding a star athlete and a stolen snowboard!

135: The Mystery of the Wild West Bandit 2014
The Aldens are at Wildcat Crossing, a recreated frontier town full of cowboy fun! But when horses disappear and other pranks threaten to ruin the Wild West show, the Boxcar Children must find out who's the varmint causing all the trouble!

136: The Mystery of the Soccer Snitch 2014
Jessie's soccer teammate Kayla is such a talented player that she's invited to be the mascot at an International soccer tournament in Brazil! But then an anonymous letter arrives insisting she doesn't deserve to have the honor. Who is trying to ruin Kayla's reputation? The Boxcar Children must find out!

Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

137: The Mystery of the Grinning Gargoyle 2014
The Aldens visit Goldwin University, where Grandfather attended college. The old library is about to be torn down. But legend says the stone gargoyles guarding the roof of the old building will do anything to protect it--even fly. When the creatures begin appearing outside the windows, people are terrified. But the Boxcar Children think there is another reason the gargoyles are turning up in places they shouldn't. And they're determined to figure it out.

138: The Mystery of the Missing Pop Idol 2015
It's a big day at the Silver City Mall, where hundreds of people are lined up to audition for the show Pop Star Sensation! The Aldens are in line, too, because Violet wants to meet one of the judges--her favorite pop star, Madlynn Rose. But just before the show starts, Madlynn vanishes! Can the Aldens track down the superstar before it's too late?

139: The Mystery of the Stolen Dinosaur Bones 2015
The Aldens are visiting a real dinosaur dig in Montana, in an area full of fossils and caves! But the bones of a rare dinosaur have gone missing, and when the children begin to search for clues they hear strange noises in the caves and discover mysterious tracks! Why are bones disappearing? And could there be a real-life dinosaur on the loose?

140: The Mystery at the Calgary Stampede 2015
The Aldens head up north for the Calgary Stampede--a cowboy celebration of Canada's frontier spirit! But when a valuable piece of jewelry from the festival's history vanishes, the children are on the case. Can the Boxcar Children find the thief before the big show?

Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

141: The Sleepy Hollow Mystery 2015
The Aldens visit the upstate New York town where the "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" was set and discover a headless horseman mystery all their own! Their friend's ghost tour business is threatened by a spooky figure on horseback who is throwing gory pumpkins. Who--or what--is haunting Sleepy Hollow?

xxx: The Ghost-Hunting Special 2015
A new spooky 3-in-1 bind-up--perfect for Halloween! Includes three ghostly Boxcar mysteries. The Mystery of the Midnight Dog (#81): A small Southern town is full of stories--including one about a ghostly dog that walks in the night! The Ghost at the Drive-In Movie (#116): Strange things are happening at an old outdoor movie theater that's rumored to be haunted! The Return of the Graveyard Ghost (#133): Legend has it that a tomb at the cemetery will give some visitors good luck--and bad luck to others!

142: The Legend of the Irish Castle 2016
The Aldens visit Ireland and stay in a beautiful castle that's now a hotel! But the caretaker seems very superstitious, and at night they see a mysterious figure who walks the halls carrying a lantern. Could it be one of the banshees of ancient legend? The Boxcar Children must discover the secret that Duncarraig castle is hiding!

143: The Celebrity Cat Caper 2016
The Aldens are excited to meet their favorite celebrity--Walter the Cat, who makes the funniest videos on the Internet! And when this celebrity cat inherits a million dollars from his owner, he becomes even more famous! But someone seems to be angry about the will and is stealing things from Walter's house. Is this cat too famous for his own good?


Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

144: Hidden in the Haunted School 2016
The old abandoned school in Silver City is being fixed up as an art center and the Boxcar Children volunteer to help clean up the place. But the other volunteers are scared by the spooky goings-on in the school?doors lock by themselves, and chalkboard messages appear out of nowhere! Will the Aldens find out the secret of the haunted school?

xxx: The Haunted Legends Special 2016
Wherever the Boxcar Children go, mysteries are bound to show up! These three spooky tales are perfect for Halloween: The Haunted Clock Tower Mystery (#84) When the Aldens learn that a valuable secret from the past lies hidden somewhere at Goldwin University, they think the clock tower might hold the key to uncovering it! The Ghost in the First Row (#112) The Trap-Door Theater has mysteries of its own?with rumors of ghosts, disappearing props, and even a haunted seat. The Sleepy Hollow Mystery (#141) The Aldens visit the legendary town of Sleepy Hollow where someone?or something?is scaring visitors. Three hauntingly good mysteries in one volume!

145: The Election Day Dilemma 2016
Cousin Alice is running for mayor in her town, and the Aldens are helping with her campaign! But Alice's campaign posters are torn down and painted over?and the same thing happens to her opponent! Then posters for a third candidate appear around town, but nobody has ever seen him in person. Will the town elect a mystery man for mayor? The Aldens are on the case!


The Boxcar Children Great Adventure Series
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Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

01: Journey on a Runaway Train 2017
In this all-new very special mini-series, the Aldens have been recruited by a secret society to return lost artifacts and treasures to their rightful locations?all around the world! After finding a painted turtle figurine, the Aldens are introduced to the Silverton family and Reddimus Society, a secret guild whose mission is to return lost artifacts and treasures to the sites they were taken from. The Aldens board a private train to New Mexico to return the turtle to its original home, and they encounter enemies of Reddimus along the way! The trip is a success. but instead of returning home, there's a last-minute change in plans. The Boxcar Children must continue the mission for the society and deliver more things, all around the globe!

02: The Clue in the Papyrus Scroll 2017
In this all-new very special mini-series, the Aldens have been recruited by a secret society to return lost artifacts and treasures to their rightful locations?all around the world! The Aldens arrive in Egypt but the agent they're supposed to meet has gone missing! With the help of a puzzle in a papyrus scroll, they figure out their next mission?to deliver a tiny ancient pharaoh statue to an archaelogist at the Pyramids! Along the way they outwit a thief who tries to steal all the treasures. Their next mission is to England, to return one of the "crown jewels of Stonehenge." But someone is following them! Could it be someone from the powerful Argent family, ruthless antique collectors and bitter rivals of the Silvertons?

03: The Detour of the Elephants 2017
In this all-new very special miniseries, the Aldens have been recruited by a secret society to return lost artifacts and treasures to their rightful locations?all around the world! The Aldens follow a clue to Beijing, China, where they uncover their next mission?to return a mysterious clay artifact to its rightful owner. Their journey leads them to a scenic section of the Great Wall, but a thief threatens to ruin their trip and endanger their precious cargo. The Aldens' next clue brings them to an elephant reserve in Thailand, but when their contact acts suspiciously, they worry someone close to them may be working for the other side. Who can the Aldens trust to help them return the remaining artifacts to their rightful owners?

04: The Shackleton Sabotage 2017
In this all-new very special miniseries, the Aldens have been recruited by a secret society to return lost artifacts and treasures to their rightful locations?all around the world! The Aldens chart a course for Sydney, Australia, and as the children tour the famed Sydney Opera House, their next puzzle?and its key?falls right into their laps. They need to find the rightful owner of a rare Australian coin. Using their knowledge about Australia, the Aldens find the coin's owner, but a saboteur is again hot on their heels and nearly spoils their hard work. Next up the Aldens travel to frigid Antarctica, where they need to return an artifact to the hut Shackleton used on his expeditions to the South Pole. The trip is a success, but when the Aldens return, they learn the identity of the person who has been trying to ruin their plans. Will the saboteur keep them from returning the seventh and final artifact?

05: The Khipu and the Final Key 2017
In this all-new very special miniseries, the Aldens have been recruited by a secret society to return lost artifacts and treasures to their rightful locations?all around the world! The final leg of the Aldens' journey brings them to South America and to the Salt Flats in northern Argentina. But when they hit a dead end, they realize someone has tricked them in order to delay their plans! Returning to Buenos Aires, the Aldens connect with the Silvertons and are able to get back on track. But it is clear their rivals are closer than ever. The Aldens' final artifact is their most delicate yet?a rare orange orchid they must return to Machu Picchu in Peru. With the stakes higher than ever, the Aldens make a shocking discovery about the Silvertons and the Argents. Will the Boxcar Children be able to use what they've learned to return the final Reddimus artifact intact?


The Boxcar Children Specials
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Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

01: The Mystery on the Ice 1993
While the Aldens search a visiting figure skating company for jewelry thieves, they welcome their new adopted cousin, Sue Lee, from Korea, in a paperback edition with sixteen pages of activities, puzzles and games not included in the hardcover.

02: The Mystery in Washington, D.C. 1994
Mystery awaits the Boxcar Children at a Washington, D.C., bed and breakfast, where valuables disappear and all the guests seem to have something to hide.

03: The Mystery at Snowflake Inn
Staying at the charming Snowflake Inn during an old-fashioned holiday vacation in New England, the Boxcar children find their stay threatened by sabotage, dark secrets, and a variety of suspects.

04: The Mystery at the Ballpark 1994
A saboteur tries to ruin the Boxcar children's chances of winning a game when they join the community baseball team, in a paperback edition which includes puzzles, craft activities, and recipes.

Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

05: The Pilgrim Village Mystery 1995
The Boxcar Children encounter a mystery when they go to stay at Pilgrim Village, a restored historical town that is threatened by a series of nighttime break-ins, in a storybook accompanied by a collection of puzzles, crafts, and recipes.

06: The Mystery at the Fair 1996
The Boxcar Children decide to buy their grandfather an expensive gift and so choose to enter a series of games at the local fair, but when they discover that the games are sabotaged, they set out to find the culprits.

07: The Pet Shop Mystery 1996
While helping the new manager of the Pretty Bird Pet Shop, The Boxcar Children discover that something is going wrong at the pet store, so they begin an investigation to help the owner get to the bottom of things.

08: The Niagara Falls Mystery 1997
The Aldens meet Will LaSalle, the owner of the Curiosity Shop while vacationing at Niagra Falls, and when an old book signed by the Prince of Wales disappears and someone steals the shop's brochures, the Aldens want to know who is behind trying to put Will's shop out of business.

Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

09: The Mystery in the Old Attic 1997
While visiting Michigan's Upper Peninsula to prepare their Great-aunt Sophie's big old house for sale, the Boxcar Children encounter a mystery involving a valuable ring supposedly hidden somewhere in the house. Includes puzzles and activities.

10: The Windy City Mystery 1998
The Boxcar Children are thrilled to visit their cousin Chad and his father, Mr. Piper, in Chicago. The day after they arrive, Willard the doorman hands them an envelope with a clue to a mystery inside. The riddle leads the children to a Chicago landmark where they stumble upon yet another clue! Activity section included.

11: The Mystery of the Queen's Jewels 1998
It's the Alden children's first trip to London, and it seems that someone is following them. Then Benny and Henry's room is ransacked and a beautiful broach with the initials HRH is found in Benny's backpack.

12: The Mystery of the Black Raven 1999
The Boxcar Children are traveling to Skagway, Alaska, for the annual Four-Rock Miners' reunion. They're looking forward to a week of sightseeing and even panning for gold. But before the fun can begin, the soapstone raven and the scrapbook that grandfather is set to inherit for the year go missing. Did someone else who had come for the reunion steal the artifacts? This paperback edition includes a full-filled activity section with puzzles, crafts, and recipes.

Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

13: The Mystery in New York 1999
While visiting a friend in New York City, the Aldens investigate the theft of a valuable diamond.

14: The Home Run Mystery 2000
The Aldens discover that one of Pikesville's little league coaches has been cheating all season, which is somehow related to a plan to raze the town's historic baseball field.

15: The Honeybee Mystery 2000
The Aldens help a farmer whose honeybees have stopped producing honey and discover a sabotage scheme.

16: The Mystery of the Screech Owl 2001
The Aldens visit an old camp in Quebec, Canada, and begin to suspect that someone or something is trying to scare them away from the place.

Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

17: The Mystery of the Tiger's Eye 2001
Grandfather's college roommate, Edward, has spent years collecting toys and gadgets. When the Boxcar Children visit Edward, his mansion seems like a toy-filled paradise. But they soon discover that something is very wrong in the old house.

18: The Candy Factory Mystery 2002
When the Aldens have the chance to work at a candy factory, they try to find out who is sabotaging the candy and why.

19: The Mystery of Alligator Swamp 2002
The Aldens are down south in Louisiana bayou country, visiting an area that has come to be known as Alligator Swamp. They're enjoying their time, but something odd is going on. Could it be the ghost of Gator Ann--a long dead alligator--has come back?

20: The Great Shark Mystery 2003
The Alden children are on vacation at an aquarium in Florida. The Boxcar Children will feed the penquins, swim with dolphins, and come face-to-face with a great white shark! But the Aldens soon discover that the shark is in danger.

Boxcar Children Cover Art

021: The Black Widow Spider Mystery 2003
Someone is building a large, fancy house down the street from the Aldens'--a house shielded by a tall stone wall. The only way to approach the house is through an iron gate decorated with huge black widow spiders!


Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art Boxcar Children Cover Art

Summer Special 2007
Just in time for vacation, Boxcar fans can dive into summer reading with three warm-weather adventures about the Aldens, together in one volume. In The Mystery at the Ball Park, the baseball season is in jeopardy when someone steals a special bat and Jessie's glove. Then the team almost doesn't make it to their first game! In The Mystery of the Hidden Beach, the Aldens try to find the terrible secret that the beach holds. And in The Summer Camp Mystery, the children investigate why someone is sabotaging the annual Olympic competition at Camp Seagull. Boxcar Children(r) Mysteries, always just right for summer reading, are now three times better with the The Boxcar Children Summer Special.

Winter Special 2007
In winter, children love to curl up with a mystery about the Alden children. Now they can curl up with three stories in one volume-The Boxcar Children Winter Special. In The Mystery at Snowflake Inn, the Aldens enjoy ice skating and working puzzles before they become part of their own special puzzle. At Snow Haven Lodge, the Boxcar Children enjoy the winter carnival, then find themselves involved in another adventure in The Mystery in the Snow. And in The Mystery on Blizzard Mountain, the Aldens learn that the mountain holds a hidden secret-and maybe a snowy ghost. Readers will stay warm and cozy with this special Boxcar Children(r) book, just right for those hot-cocoa-sipping months.

Spring Break Special 2008
Spring break is a time for fun-traveling to great places, shopping for new things, and reading favorite mysteries about the Boxcar Children! Now fans have three stories they can enjoy in one volume. In The Mystery in the Mall, the Aldens help out at a novelty shop, where they discover strange things happening-and then get locked in the store! In The Mystery Cruise, the children get to go on a cruise, on a ship that comes complete with a pool, a movie theater, and a mystery! And in The Black Pearl Mystery, the children take a trip to beautiful Hawaii and search for the truth behind an old island legend.

Halloween Special 2008
What could be a better time for reading spooky Boxcar Children Mysteries than Halloween? And just in time for this coming October 31, here are three Boxcar Children Mysteries bundled into one and featuring a ghost, some skeletons, and a mummy. In The Mystery of the Singing Ghost, the Aldens fix up the house that their cousins are moving into. There’s just one problem—it seems to be haunted by a ghost who sings! A mysterious mansion alive with skeletons is the setting for The Mystery at Skeleton Point. And finally, in The Mystery of the Mummy’s Curse, the Aldens start to believe in the power of the 4,000-year-old sarcophagus on exhibit at Greenfield Museum. Boo!

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